20171000 guaranteedHere is our 2017 Senior Motor City Classic Tournament Schedule. Please note that all starting times are 10 a.m. unless noted otherwise. Check-in time is 9:00 a.m. Bowling begins at 10:00 a.m. with 15 min. of warm-up included. Generally we try to bowl on the second Saturday of every month however keep checking our schedule. All Tournaments will be USBC Sanctioned events. $1000.00 for first place guaranteed for most tournament. See our rules for details.

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Please note that we will be using the Arena three times this year. The other months we'll be rotating between the low and high ends of the Main area.

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January 14 Big Ben Main Low
February 4 Millenium Falcon  Main High
March 11 Chewbacca Arena
April 1 Gateway Arch  Main Low
May 6 Han Solo  Main High
June 10 Taj Mahal Main Low
July 8 Great Wall of China  Main High
August 12 Red Velvet  Main Low
September 9 Poltergeist Arena
October 14 Stonehenge  Main High
November 11 Devil's Food  Arena 
December 9 Death Star  Main Low